Mayor David Miller is Captain of the Titanic

9 Nov

Well now the “great uniter”, Lubbock Mayor David Miller, is accusing City Councilman John Leonard is trying to sabotage the great work done by the council. Does this guy just not get it? I will admit that I do not have all the details about Leonard being pushed out of meetings, but if it’s true that he was targeted…does this really surprise anyone? Mr. Mayor, if anyone has sabotaged the City of Lubbock, and everything good here…it was you. You and your “people” on the council has made the citizens in this town HATE city politics and it will be a while before people start to trust what is happening at City Hall. What happened to the Mayor who said it’s time for all of us to work together and put aside differences? What happened to the guy who said it’s time for personal attacks to stop? I guess that was all a lie too? I guess that’s what we should just expect out of Mayor Miller. My favorite quote from the Mayor was when Miller said, “it has taken extraordinary leadership to keep this ship righted while others have tried to sabotage our work.”  WHAT?!? When has there been extraordinary leadership from this Mayor? When the Chippendales were in town? When there were sex toys ruining people’s lives??? And if the City Council is the ship that the Mayor is righting, all I have to say is, WELCOME TO THE TITANIC! That large thud you just heard was nothing…move alone…nothing to see here. Last week on the show, we had a great chat with Tom Martin (former City Councilman) who is running for Mayor. You can listen to the interview here.  We aren’t ready to endorse anyone just yet, but Tom Martin is right, people are tired of City Hall crap. I will also give Mr. Martin credit for coming on my show. Some people (Miller) blow us off because we are harsh, I’m glad some people understand that’s my job and that’s how things get done. Tom Martin has appeared on The Chad Hasty Show twice now, where are you Mr. Miller?More on this on Saturday at 5. We will also be talking about the Home Invasions in town and I may blog about that later.-Chad 


3 Responses to “Mayor David Miller is Captain of the Titanic”

  1. Phil November 9, 2007 at 4:42 pm #

    Home invasions? There’s no home invasion problem in Lubbock. Nothing to see here, people, move along.


    Officer Barbrady

  2. Dayvid November 10, 2007 at 10:19 am #

    Chad, you just don’t get it do you……..IF you were a Phi Delt, he would be on your show in a TriDelta minute.

  3. r.c. slocum November 11, 2007 at 2:36 pm #

    if you were phi delt, you would want to go ahead and kill yourself

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