Update From Dallas

24 Dec

Just a quick update from Dallas as I get ready to spend Christmas Eve with Family later today. The drive from Lubbock to Dallas wasn’t bad and the Mazda Roller skate did a fine job at maneuvering through the crazy drivers who just wanted to get to the mall to do that last minute shopping.

Being from Dallas it was great to tune into 97.1 and not hear Spanish Oldies. Tech students and those from Dallas will be happy to know that The Eagle is back, and yes…it rocks. It looks like Rock stations are finally making a comeback in the US after dying off for a few years. If you are in Dallas over the next couple of weeks and like rock…tune in to 97.1 The Eagle.

Last, but not least, Merry Christmas from all of us at The Chad Hasty Show. I hope everyone gets a little off time from work and can spend some time with family and friends. And if your family decides to get into a fight over the Holiday, please write down details and call into the show on Saturday.

If you don’t celebrate Christmas….Happy Winter Carnival, Kwanzaa, Festivus, or Gift Getting Day.



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