Lubbock Downtown Redevelopment Meeting Part 2

5 Feb

Just got in from the meeting and I must say that I was impressed. Not only with the presentation, but also with how many people showed up. My initial thoughts are that I like most of what the committee presented this evening. The one thing that everyone needs to remember is that this is a 12-15 year plan and things will change. Nothing is set in stone.

Without getting into too much of the plan yet and again these are just initial thoughts as I watch CNN and the Super Tuesday results…

On LFN this morning I said that I had hoped that a ballpark wasn’t in the plans, and it wasn’t…but a multi-purpose arena in the Depot District is. WHY? Does Lubbock need it? Will Lubbock NEED it in 15 years? Should the arena be built by the City of Lubbock? In my opinion, NO! Let a private company come in and take a chance. However, from what I can tell for now…I like most of what was said tonight.

Tune into LFN Wednesday morning from 6-9am on 790AM KFYO to discuss it!


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