Lubbock Red Light Cameras Are Coming DOWN.

14 Feb

I am hearing that the Lubbock City Council has decided to bring the Red Light Camera’s in Lubbock down. Mayor David Miller and Councilman Jim Gilbreath joined Todd Klein and John Leonard in voting against the cameras. Looks as though the Mayor flipped, but why?


One Response to “Lubbock Red Light Cameras Are Coming DOWN.”

  1. Clif "Tex Slim" Burnett February 17, 2008 at 8:52 pm #

    One reason Mayor Miller MAY have “flipped” is I personally delivered the magnified version(200%) of legal disclaimer that showed ATS was “claiming” that car registration might be refused if ticket was NOT paid. This was the 4th option in the disclaimer and that option NEVER existed at any time that the disclaimers were being mailed out. It’s illegal to give an accused defendent a false option during plea agreement negotiations. The ticket process is a plea agreement that is a civil matter. I notified council about the possibility that all people who paid tickets after receiving that legal disclaimer MIGHT seek REFUNDS through small claims court at county or in a federal class action suit. Anita Burgess looked “shocked” during my presentation and Mayor Miller looked “bumfuzzled” even though I delivered text of presentation 7 calender days BEFORE the agenda date. Mayor Miller voted to discontinue cams and ATS turned off cams that night at midnight. I was informed that ATS flew officials in from other cities expecting city council to accept citizens traffic council 6 month extention recommendation. I discredited CTC with my presentation informing council CTC knew that “blocking registrations” was not part of program even though legal disclaimer said it was. CTC Chairman(David “McDougal employee” Miller) admitted a week earlier he knew all tickets were voluntary but failed to inform council that no tool existed to force ticket collection. CTC fell apart and Mayor Miller “bailed out”.OOPS!

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