Craddick In Trouble?

4 Mar

The primaries in Texas could also be a factor in whether or not Tom Craddick remains the Speaker of the House.

Here’s part of the AP article:

Reps. Kino Flores, Aaron Pena, Dawnna Dukes and Kevin Bailey are among a group of Democrats, known around the Capitol as Craddick Ds, who angered their party by siding with Craddick in the rebellion. Their primary opponents have used their support of Craddick as campaign fodder.

Craddick, whose leadership is on the line, has poured $150,000 into the campaigns of Flores, Pena and Bailey. Dukes refused the money, which is part of a complaint to Travis County prosecutors alleging that Craddick is trying to buy his speakership.

“I think all four of them are” in trouble, said Democratic strategist Kelly Fero, who is helping Pena’s opponent, Eddie Saenz, in Edinburg. “Kevin Bailey is the one who is the most vulnerable because he’s been winning” by slim margins.


This could be the 1st major test for Craddick, we’ll know more tomorrow. From what my sources have told me, the Speaker is worried.


One Response to “Craddick In Trouble?”

  1. Shaine Mata March 5, 2008 at 1:02 am #

    Peña won. Flores won.

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