Obama/Clinton? Clinton/Obama?

6 Mar

There has been a lot of chatter recently about a “dream ticket” for Democrats where both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton would appear. Of course the last part of that is who would be running as the President?

In my opinion, the only way you will see these 2 on the same ticket is if it was a Clinton/Obama ticket with of course Hillary Clinton running as President. Why? Well many factors go into this. First, Clinton would need Obama to bring in Independents and 2 or 3 Republican votes. Obama doesn’t need Clinton for this. Second, Ego. Do you really think Hillary’s ego would allow her to run as a VP? Some could argue that Obama’s ego wouldn’t allow him to run as a VP, but why not? I think he’s smart enough to know that it would put him in a great position. Third, Obama’s change message wouldn’t allow it. Senator Obama’s message has been about looking toward the future and not the past. So how could he be part of a ticket that is part of the past? One of the final reasons is simply…Obama doesn’t need her. He is already getting dems to the polls and even motivating Independents to vote for him. Obama’s best VP choice might just be a former General, or someone with International experience.

Sure there are other reasons and math involved, but those are just a few reasons. What are your thoughts?



3 Responses to “Obama/Clinton? Clinton/Obama?”

  1. ThevanelJournal.com March 10, 2008 at 11:25 am #

    well, they’ve been under fire for promoting Obama for Veep.

    Wolfson was quoted as saying”” It is possible Obama could meet that threshold by this summer’s Democratic convention.”



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