FBI Investigating the City of Lubbock and Former Council Members

8 Apr

According to FOX34 and Mayor David Miller, the FBI approached Miller 6 months after he was elected. The FBI informed Miller that the FBI would be investigating the city’s health insurance program…AAG. The FBI has also been investigating FORMER City Council members. In other words, Tom Martin (he doesn’t say Martin, but why else would he be talking about it). Will there be a Grand Jury? Will there be any indictments?

IF anything comes from this, it would be big and devastating to Martin’s campaign. Honestly, even if there is no indictment, the FBI snooping around the Hub City BECAUSE of City wrongdoing during Tom Martin’s time on council is the type of circus people are wanting to get away from with Mayor David Miller. A huge complaint about Miller has been the black eye he has put on the city. Well, if Tom Martin is even partially  responsible for the FBI checking into things, Miller can say that Martin isn’t perfect either and brought a whole new black eye to the city. Who’s responsible for the circus this time?

Now the FBI could be talking to multiple people, and I believe they are or at least have been. I think the only reason Mayor Miller brought the FBI up and confirmed the investigation was because he knows the investigation includes Tom Martin.

More on this later, and on Wednesday morning on Lubbock’s First News 6-9am on 790AM KFYO.


One Response to “FBI Investigating the City of Lubbock and Former Council Members”

  1. Mary Sniadecki May 8, 2009 at 11:43 am #

    First of all; it is wrong to create evidence just to get back at some one:If looks could kill;we would all be dead.This is the last time that my conversation includes this subject: We as a City; chose to move forward and make Lubbock as well as the City Leaders healthy and prosperous again: This means putting the past behind us. No weapons formed against the City Leaders shall prosper. We have a city council group that listens: They are very good leaders and these guys are going somewhere and there are enemies who would love to tear them dowm but you need to remember that a kingdom divided against it self shall fall; so just remember when you are attacking our leaders that you are hurting your selfs as well. On top of this ask your self: What kind of testimonie are you leaving your kids by attacking leaders of your community.

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