City of Lubbock Mayoral Debate Running Blog

14 Apr

Mayor David Miller vs. Tom Martin. During the debate I will be blogging on what I notice from the Debate. The debate is on Suddenlink channel 12 and on the air on 790AM KFYO. Let me know your thoughts as well!

Opening Statements: Martin in his opening statement brings up Miller flip flopping on the red light camera issue.

Mayor Miller has brought up the successes of the City Council and how the City has worked on infrastructure. Brings up Men’s Health Magazine rating Lubbock a top commuter city, however not the Magazine ratings for drunk driving, bad teeth, etc. Funny.

I also find it funny that they are using yellow and red lights.

Miller claims that a business background is better than Martin’s background.

Black eye question for Miller: “The buck stops at the Mayor’s desk.”-Miller, Miller says that those issues aren’t the City’s fault. Presented enough facts to 20/20 about Chippendales that 20/20 pulled the segment. That’s a good thing. Mentions he wrote a letter to the TSA demanding it doesn’t happen again. I’d love to see that letter.

Martin not engaging too much in the black eye question. Instead mentions how great the Giant Side of Texas is. People are the best part of the City. Miller agrees.

Martin likes the idea of more than 1 Chamber. Miller doesn’t believe that it’s a City Govt. issue, but personally he would like to see 1 Chamber where everyone works together.

Miller on updating the City Charter: A public committee should take a look at the charter and determine any changes (Charter Review Commission). Miller does not want a Mayor as CEO of the City.

Martin says: Agree’s with Miller on the issue. Should take a look at the Charter to see if there are any changes that need to be made. Last time there was review was in the 80’s.

Question to Martin on future of Lubbock. How will Lubbock look in 2020 compared to now? Brings up gas prices. Major transportation issues. Water conservation. Must do a better job at conserving water. “Lubbock will be thriving in 2020.”

Miller: Pioneering spirit of West Texas. We must continue to look at core services. Water distribution, Animal Shelter, etc.

Question to Miller on how to keep young people in Lubbock. “It’s not governments job to create jobs” Really? Governments job is to create a better atmosphere and attractive.

Question on the council not getting along: Miller believes that the council does get along and that a 4-3 vote is about debate and not closed door meetings. Martin believes that the council doesn’t get along real well.

SMACK! Miller slams Martin on not being a progressive. Interesting. Reminds seniors that their tax rate is frozen. How is Miller a progressive though?

What makes your experience better for Mayor? Miller: WOW! Miller wants a good relationship with the media. Partnership with Media is important. Says that he wore his faith on his sleeve too much. A friend told him that he voted for Miller for Mayor not preacher.

Martin: Talking a lot about time and sacrifice to be Mayor.

Miller claims that he has been the most accessible Mayor.

Good Government difference? Miller says that Martin has a different style. Martin is police/dictator style, while his is business. Miller says he believes in bringing in all council members, not just a few. Believes in partnerships. Also says that he believes in keeping taxes low, but not just to keep them low. We need to progress while having low taxes.

Martin: Public service method, and his police background taught him to work with people. You have to work together. Keep the focus on the important things in the community.

Closing statements:

Martin: Campaign should be about the future of Lubbock.

Miller: It’s difficult to look to the future, but partnerships and building the perfect community is a big part. Communicate with one another. Partner with me, to move Lubbock forward, not backwards.

2 Responses to “City of Lubbock Mayoral Debate Running Blog”

  1. Mike April 14, 2008 at 7:32 pm #

    Miller: 1
    Martin: 0

    Mayor Miller not takes responsibility when it is his and when it’s not. A sign of a good a strong leader.

  2. A.Marie April 16, 2008 at 8:26 pm #

    Men’s Health? Funny stuff…

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