Mayoral Debate Recap Part 1

29 Apr

Well the debate is over and I have to say, we had a good time with it. I want to start off by thanking everyone who emailed and called in questions. We had over 100 questions emailed to us, and not enough time to get even half of those in. Emailed questions sent before 3 yesterday had the best chance of getting in the debate, because we had to have time to process and get the questions down. Out of about 14 questions asked 5 came directly from either listener emails or calls. We also had many people have the same type of questions that we asked.

On tomorrow’s LFN it will be your chance to sound off on todays debate. We will open the phone lines for the whole show to take your comments on the debate.

So, who do YOU think won and lost the debate? Anyone take you by surprise? Let me know on the blog AND on tomorrows show. Lubbock’s First News with Chad Hasty airs 6-9am on 790 KFYO.


One Response to “Mayoral Debate Recap Part 1”

  1. JC May 1, 2008 at 9:05 am #

    Chad- How about some more info on how the candidates acted during the debate, since we could not see them? I know you said Miller texted the whole time others were talking, which again shows how pompous an ass he is . Did he even talk to the other candidates & you guys during commercials?

    One of the main reasons some people I know do not like Tom Martin is because he is not “nice” at times, whatever that means. Miller sounded like the one with temper issues to me & was disrespectful to all of you there. His latest ad shows how enormous his ego is .He will do & say anything to win. His website says things like: I will honor our creator, Well done faithful servant, I will respect all people, I will tell the truth, blah blah blah. I learned years ago that when some has to tell you they will tell you the truth,get ready to be lied to and if the say bless you & have a fish symbol on their business card they will be the first ones to screw you in a deal. He is the kind of person who gives real Christians a bad name.

    Miller is a first rate clown.

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