Search Warrants For Your Blood

8 May

On today’s LFN we discussed the report on KCBD last night regarding the D.A.’s office launching a blood search warrant program. Here’s a small slice of the story:

“The D.A.’s office is testing a blood search warrant program. That means, if you say no to a breathalyzer, an officer can take you straight to the hospital where your blood will be drawn and tested for alcohol, and you don’t have a choice.  Law enforcement already does this to suspected drunk drivers involved in an accident causing death or serious injury, but now, the process is being expanded.”

“”If a person is arrested for DWI, the officer will ask them for a breath sample.  If they refuse, then an officer will take them to UMC, and we’ll fill out a search warrant.  They send it to a judge who will review that, and if the judge agrees that there is enough probably cause to search for it, they’ll sign it and then that person’s blood will be withdrawn,” Brummett said. “

Anyone have a problem with this? Is this a form of the State forcing people to turn evidence against yourself? Those who opposed red light cameras because of Constitutional issues…what about this? Here is a link to KCBD’s article. Click HERE.


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