Miller Loses It

11 May

So last night Mayor David lost his re-election bid to Tom Martin by about 21 points, you can read about it here: LINK.

Another big story last night is what KFYO reporter and co-host of LFN had to go through with David Miller. Shortly after the early vote numbers came across, Rex was thrown out by Mayor David Miller himself and told, “KFYO is not welcome here.” It is pretty much unheard of for a candidate and especially an incumbent to throw a single member of the media out of his campaign rally. Rex had called Miller’s people on Friday to make sure he could be there with no problem and he was told yes by Miller’s PR person (who has been great to work with). Rex was there as a reporter, not as a host. I don’t give a damn if LFN, The Chad Hasty Show, and Pratt on Texas has been harsh on the Mayor, you don’t throw a member of the media out. In my opinion it just shows what kind of person Miller is.

I also can’t believe that other members of the media have not picked up on this. What if KCBD had been thrown out? What about the AJ?

Miller doesn’t even know how to exit graciously. He was expecting Tom Martin…the winner…to call him! No, the LOSER calls the WINNER in politics Mayor Miller. David Miller did not even congratulate Tom Martin last night on KLBK or KCBD. Sad and Pathetic.

Goodbye David Miller, and thanks for all the great radio!


12 Responses to “Miller Loses It”

  1. Steve61 May 11, 2008 at 5:25 pm #

    Chad, it’s time to put this thing to rest. David Miller is a good man who did what he felt was best. Let the man move on in peace. You have to know that your station tormented him on a regular basis, so what do you expect? An invitation to dinner? The “reporting” on your station was visibly biased to Miller and he reacted according ly. Unless you want to be viewed like Robert Pratt, which is as an ignorant loudmouth, with no credibility, you should move on to reporting on Lubbock’s new Mayor. Sometimes the right thing to do is the best thing to do.

  2. chadhasty May 11, 2008 at 5:53 pm #

    Steve, I can tell you that I will be just as hard on Martin as I was on Miller. If I disagree with what a person does, I go after them. As I have said many times, I’m not in anyone’s pockets or owe anyone anything.

    Miller should know what the talk show hosts job is on KFYO. It’s to give our opinion. By the way, even his PR person was upset with him. Miller only has a week left on my radar. Unless he does something afterwards that puts him back on my radar. Steve, even though we disagree on this, thanks for listening, and thanks for reading the blog.

  3. Phil R May 11, 2008 at 8:02 pm #


    If Miller was “doing what he thought was best,” then Lubbock is better off without him. From what I’ve seen the past two years, you’ve got a pretty loose definition of “good man.” Miller’s campaign tactics in the past two weeks were dispicable. You can’t separate the man and his actions.

  4. kp May 11, 2008 at 8:47 pm #

    Mr. Miller’s PR person was not upset. You were not there. Let it go and have fun with Mr. Martin.

  5. Steve61 May 12, 2008 at 9:05 am #

    Chad, thanks for responding.

    You made the point that when you disagree with someone that you go after them. Well, didn’t Mayor Miller basically call you guys on the carpet because he felt you guys (mostly Pratt) had attacked him in a cruel and personal manner? My point is that he was simply responding in the same way that you had responded. Make sense?

    Once again, I think you’re a local radio guy on the rise and you’re at a crossroads – either be Chad and be ethical or be like Pratt. Doesn’t the former sound a lot better than the latter?

    I agree with KP – my interpretation after listening this morning is that the PR person was upset with the situation, not the Mayor. That was very obvious to me.

    Keep plugging Chad. You have a new Mayor now with a lot of new material. Since it’s about the position and not the person I’m sure we have two entertaining years to come.

  6. chadhasty May 12, 2008 at 9:22 am #


    I believe she was upset with the situation, and upset that he had taken action, especially without her being there to smooth things over. If I were in her shoes I would have been upset with him because it would have made me look bad and make my job look bad.

    As far as the debate question, we talked about this on the air. The question was supposed to be fair and directed at all candidates. Now, sometimes it’s hard to phrase it for all candidates, and when Rex and I asked the questions we did try to do so. In regards to Pratt’s question, Rex and I did not hear the question before it was asked. We had asked for it to be a fair question and was told that it was. Rex and I never listen to Pratt’s commentary before it airs because we are too busy in the mornings to do so. If the question was for the benefit of Martin, then it backfired since he didn’t even answer the question.

    Thanks for listening, and reading.

  7. doug May 12, 2008 at 9:41 am #

    I think Miller took the gun off the table and shot himself in the foot…maybe both feet–those feet he told the public to hold to the fire.
    His attack add on Martin backfired and you know very well that if he were ahead in the election as results were coming out that Rex would have been allowed to be there so that Miller could have taken a few stabs at KFYO and those that he lumps into the same “guilty by association” group. He would have delighted in this.
    Instead, he showed his true colors again. I think the man’s intentions are very good but he just isn’t fit for mayoral leadership.
    Perhaps he can take some of his own leadership development classes at the Spirit Ranch while enjoying “100 year-old elm trees, open meadows , and running water coming off of the Double Mountain Fork of the Brazos River. Everyday stress and disruptions fall away by the waterside as flocks of geese, ducks, and brilliantly plumed peacocks leisurely make their way across the meadow to the river. Spirit Ranch boasts an extraordinarily beautiful and calming environment conducive to building leaders and teams.” (quote from

  8. Steve61 May 12, 2008 at 10:00 am #

    Chad, It’s hard to speak to how someone feels unless you walk in their shoes. All I know is that the PR person didn’t express that she was upset with Mayor Miller and that’s all we have to go on. In the same vein, I think we can conclude that it’s hard to identify with how Mayor Miller reponded to issues unless we’re walking in his shoes as well. And I think we can all agree that he and his family were the targets of some very cruel abuse, especially recently.

    To clarify, I wasn’t referencing a debate question. I was responding to your first post when you said, “If I disagree with what a person does, I go after them”. That’s what I meant when I said Mayor Miller responded in kind. And when I said you don’t want to be like Pratt, I meant behaviorally and reputation-wise, not based on any specific incident.

    Thanks for responding. Good discussion.

  9. JC May 12, 2008 at 12:01 pm #

    Steve- You said : “And I think we can all agree that he and his family were the targets of some very cruel abuse, especially recently.”

    Uh, no I do not agree. Cruel abuse? Give me a break. He deserved almost all that he got. Stay out of politics if you are so thin skinned. When you are in the public eye & did the things Miller did, how can you expect any different a reaction from people?

    He is either an egomaniac or very naive. Maybe both. To blame others for their reactions to his deeds is just more of the same attuide that got your tails beat by Tom Martin. Blame others all you want, this defeat is placed directly on Miller, as it should be. If you can’t admit that you are either family or ran his campaign.

    Own up to it folks. Miller was an awful Mayor & even worse campaigner.

  10. Steve61 May 12, 2008 at 12:05 pm #

    I respectfully disagree JC. Pratt’s venomous diatribes including name calling, ridiculous songs and ignorant website comments. Criticism is fine. Personal and cruel attacks are not.

  11. kp May 12, 2008 at 8:14 pm #

    Did anyone hear the two broadcasts, one by Mr. Pratt and one by Mr. Beane accusing the Mayor of a cover up of Mrs. Miller’s stroke and the other one accusing the Mayor of making up her stroke for political reasons? When you have that kind of information being broadcast at the same time you are in the hospital hoping your wife will survive…do you wonder why or blame the man for having issues with radio “opinionators”? Where is the compassion and common decency Lubbockites are famous for. Should it not extend beyond petty political differences when there is life and death involved? Voting for who we believe is best for the City is one thing…but let’s have some perspective on the big picture and what is most important in this life. If a Mayor’s race in Lubbock Texas makes you say things like they did while Jayne Ann was in critical condition in the hospital, then there is something very, very wrong somewhere.

  12. Bob bleds red n black May 15, 2008 at 7:58 pm #

    I just hope that when Martin stumbles that he receives the same equal treatment that Miller did. Pratt was way over the top in his comments. I love his music, but his venom grew old. Chad as far as Rex being tossed, wasn’t that in Miller’s private home? He has a right to ask anyone to leave in his own home. That’s what this redneck would have done.

    I heard this morning on another radio station that Mr. Beane is routinely on that they were blaming the latest lawsuit from the Oscar Renda Construction company on the Miller council. The fact is this happened when both Martin and Boren were on the council. Martin actually lead the charge in over ruling the staff decision to go with ORC in favor of the much higer, but local bid. Now if Miller had done this, Pratt would have already been all over it, as it is he has been quiet.

    So don’t tell me you guys will go after him too! You’ve already missed your chance.

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