Fight or Die

24 Jun

Hey everyone, a new show will premiere on Thursday night called Fight or Die on Discovery and Discovery HD at 9PM CST. A good friend of the show, Damon O’Steen, worked on this project and got intouch with me about it yesterday. You may remember we had Damon on The Chad Hasty Show a while back about his movie 29 Reasons to Run which premiered in Lubbock.

On Thursday morning  at 7:35am Kelly McPherson, the show’s writer and one the Executive Producers will join us to discuss the new show. I encourage all of you to check out the trailer for the show HERE.

There are some Texas connections to the show and it looks very good so let’s be sure to support them.

More info below:

From Executive Producer Randall Wallace (BRAVEHEART, PEARL HARBOR, WE WERE SOLDIERS, THE MAN IN THE IRON MASK), comes FiGHT OR DIE, an exciting new epic documentary special that captures the personal experience of war in groundbreaking fashion by delving inside the psyche of the soldier under fire, allowing viewers to walk the Thin Red Line that separates sanity from madness and the living from the dead.

Harrowing personal accounts of battle are seamlessly blended with cinematic dramatizations, digitally remastered combat footage, and a bullet-ridden soundscape to present one of the most riveting, emotional, and realistic portrayals of war ever produced for television. ‘We all have the capacity for depths of courage, compassion and even cruelty that we can’t imagine when sitting in safety and comfort,” said Wallace. “FIGHT OR DIE explores these extremes of human character made apparent in the cauldron of conflict.’

The first episode tells the real-life story of a group of American soldiers whose lives were made famous in Wallace’s motion picture WE WERE SOLDIERS starring Mel Gibson. On November 14, 1965 in the Ia Drang Valley of Vietnam, in a small clearing called Landing Zone X-Ray, 2,000 enemy soldiers surrounded 400 United States Army troopers. The ensuing battle was one of the most savage in U.S. history. FIGHT OR DIE is a tribute to the nobility of those men under fire, their common acts of uncommon valor, and their loyalty to and love for one another.


One Response to “Fight or Die”

  1. Jill Rytie Lutz June 27, 2008 at 2:52 am #

    Thanks so much for putting “Fight or Die” on the show, Chad. Damon O’Steen has been a huge champion of the show and I hope those of your listeners who got a chance to watch it enjoyed it. As one of the producers, I have to say there were dozens of people who worked hard to get the stories right and also to entertain. Thanks again for helping us spread the word.


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