AJ Letter of the Week

20 Jul

Every Sunday I will be posting what I consider to be the Lubbock AJ’s “Letter of the Week”. I will also post my thoughts on the letter. I also want your thoughts as well! Congrats to Jennifer Villergas for being the first.

Diner frustrated by size of restaurant portions

I am a patient who has undergone lap-band surgery. This means I physically cannot eat more than about 1/4 cup of food in one sitting. It has become a great source of frustration for me to eat out at local restaurants.

I have made requests at multiple establishments in town to allow me to purchase from the children’s menu. I have yet to be allowed to do this. This is not simply a question of frugality. I just really dislike wasting food, which inevitably happens when I order an adult-sized portion.

I have had many servers suggest I simply take a to-go box. This is absurd! First of all, consider how many doggie bags I would have littering my refrigerator. I would also like to point out I really do not like leftovers that have been re-heated!

I know I am not the only one who declines a to-go box when dining out. I have a card that identifies me as a post-surgical patient who cannot eat much. Why, then, do restaurants make me order so much food that will just go to waste? Why do I have to pay for food I know I will not eat?

Lubbock is a large community with many bariatric patients. I know I cannot be the only one who is frustrated with this problem. Obviously we spent plenty of time eating more than our fair share of food; when do we get to stop?


This letter can go into the stupid person category. I still laugh at this letter every time I read it and I still can’t believe it’s real. Does this person not understand what her kitchen is? It’s not just to warm up your left overs, you can actually cook your own meals too! The great thing about cooking at home is that it is cheaper than dinning out and you can decide how big of meals you want.

It sounds like to me Jennifer is trying to play the victim role over and over again. I’m sure the blames the restaurants for making her stuff her fat face full of food and now she is blaming them for not allowing an ADULT to order off a kids menu. There is a reason it’s called a KIDS menu you idiot. You chose to dine out, so live with it. If you can’t eat that much then you are just wasting money by eating out anyway! Stay home and cook! You say you have a lot of “doggie bags” in your fridge? The MOST you should have is 7, and that’s ONLY if you go out every night and I don’t know of anyone who does that. Take some responsibility and get over it! If you go out to dinner and you’re not a kid…you order off the adult menu and get ready to take food home or just throw it away!

Jennifer also asks why she must pay for food she wont eat. Because you ordered it you idiot! When I order a steak and side items I know I may not eat everything…most of the time I don’t. I don’t get to negotiate the price because of that.

Are people really this stupid out there? Do we really have to cater to EVERYONE?  The letter writer is the type of person that makes everything about them. They have to make sure everyone caters to them and you know what? She isn’t the only one. So many people are like this out there. Pathetic.


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