AJ Letter of the Week

27 Jul

This weeks award goes to the editorial board of the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal for their editorial about the animal shelter.

Select new animal shelter site carefully

Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Story last updated at 7/23/2008 – 1:42 am

FIDO NEEDS A HOME – we all agree with that. What we haven’t come to agreement on is where his temporary home will be. A new animal shelter has been needed for years – many years – and, at long last, we are going to have one. But where? That seems to be the question tearing us apart.

First it was McAllister Park off Milwaukee Avenue, and then discussions moved toward the more central location of Clapp Park off University.

Wherever it is built needs to be more accessible than its current location, and it needs to be acceptable to the citizens of Lubbock as a whole – as well as to the neighborhood where it is to be built.

Monday’s town hall meeting was a step in the right direction. We need to have open dialog with each part of our community where placement is being considered. Questions from the public need to be heard and answered by the City Council.

We all want the same thing: a more friendly, open and accessible way to entice the public to consider adopting a pet. If you’ve looked into their eyes, you know some of the most loyal dogs and cats around are sitting there, just waiting to be loved.

Let’s unite, not divide. Let’s sit down, and find a place that works for the new shelter. This is a positive move for Lubbock, and we need to come together. Do it for Fido.

This is what many in the news biz call “fluff” or “crap”. When the editorial board of the newspaper or record in town writes an editorial it’s supposed to have the things called facts to back up their point. Instead the AJ tries to tug at the readers heart strings by asking you to look into their (dogs) eyes. The last few lines made me laugh as well. It seems as though the animal shelter is going to cause a civil war in Lubbock. This issue is the issue that the AJ thinks divides the city? Really?

I’m still waiting for the AJ to do an editorial on whether or not the State should change the law regarding petitions and booze.


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