Paris Hilton vs. John McCain

5 Aug

Only in the United States of America could a Presidential election turn into a special on Entertainment Tonight…and Paris Hilton be the star.

It all started last week when McCain used Paris Hilton’s image in an anti-Obama ad. I guess it was supposed to show that Obama is as dumb as a celeb. I guess. Well tonight Paris Hilton…yes the Paris Hilton who made sex tapes and used to hate wearing underwear made her own campaign commercial/anti-McCain ad. She calls him old and then talks about drilling. I guess it was funny, though smart things coming out of her mouth confused me. Though I’d rather look at her than McCain so maybe this is a new strategy. The best response was from the McCain camp: “Paris Supports Drilling”. Yes she does…she shows just how much in her ad and in the movie “One Night In Paris”. If you haven’t seen it, it’s sort of a documentary on drilling…almost like “An Inconvenient Truth.”

Here is the video: LINK

And Story 1 Story 2


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