John Leonard: Private vs. Public

7 Aug

By now you’ve all heard about Lubbock City Councilman John Leonard and the “hot water” he is in. For more details read the story here.

Last night on FOX34 Leonard said that this is a private issue and that the MEDIA is dragging it out and making it public. Some people have criticized Jeff Klotzman and FOX34 for his LIVE interview with Leonard in which Klotz asked about an inappropriate relationship between Leonard and the wife of a police officer. Video HERE

So was Klotz out of line? Is the media dragging Leonards name through the mud and making a private issue public? The answer…NO. I’m not normally one to back up the mouthpiece for the city aka FOX34, but what Councilman Leonard and others need to know is that this was already public record. If FOX or any media outlet wanted to go after John Leonard then they could have months ago when these allegations came out. In my opinion the media was being very nice to Leonard regarding these issues. If this were Dallas, Houston, or NYC then the cat would have been out of the bag a while back.

Klotzman didn’t attack John Leonard and Leonard should have known what he was getting into last night when he agreed to go on live.

For most people in Lubbock a divorce is a very private matter, however when you become an elected official you somewhat lose that privacy. Your life, both public and private is up for debate. That’s just part of what happens when you become a public official. Don’t you want to know what kind of judgment your City leaders have? Sure you do! What you do in your private life can impact your job. It comes down to judgment. According to documents he hasn’t paid $11,000 to his ex-wife that a Judge ordered him to pay. Shouldn’t we know about that? To be fair, Leonard says it was never ordered, so we will see how this shakes out.

Many people who called in today stood in defense of Leonard claiming that cheating on your wife is a private matter and shouldn’t be in the public. I wonder if most people felt the same way about Bill Clinton, John Edwards, the former Governor of NJ, and others whose sex lives have been thrown out into public. If we were talking about David Miller with this story I believe the mood would have been much different. People like to attack someone who isn’t their guy but when their guy is attacked they will come up with excuse after excuse.

I have no idea if the alleged affairs or the alleged affair with the police officers wife are true or not. What I do know is that if this keeps going on then it wil become a distraction. John Leonard is a public official and like it or not when you decide to be a politician or entertainer or anything that puts you in the spotlight, you will lose your private life. Remember, it’s all about judgment and who people trust to make decisions.

We will discuss this more on Friday.


2 Responses to “John Leonard: Private vs. Public”

  1. Jan August 7, 2008 at 8:59 pm #

    Cheating may be considered by many to be a public matter but it clearly reflects the integrity of the person. In order to cheat one has to become a very good liar. Their priority becomes what they want and not what is the morally and ethically right thing to do. Is that they type of person we want in government whether it be John Leonard, Bill Clinton or two Lubbock judges.

  2. Mark August 16, 2008 at 9:04 am #

    What kind of councilman do you want. Someone who is clearly selfish enough to ruin a family by his own sexual promiscuity. Unbelievable. This guy has been lying for years obviously. I wouldn’t trust him anymore.

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