The Lubbock Chamber Has Guts

12 Aug

Great job Lubbock Chamber of Commerce! According to Lubbock Online the Chamber will lead a petition drive to make Lubbock wet. Here is the article:

The Lubbock Chamber of Commerce announced Tuesday that it will lead an alcohol sales petition drive.

“The board decided to lead the petition effort, so that Lubbock citizens can exercise their constitutional right to vote on this important business issue of expanded alcohol sales in the city limits,” said organization chairman, Gary Gregory.

The chamber also announced it is forming a political action committee and will have to raise about $100,000 to get the job done.

The chamber said the drive will require gathering 500 names a day over 60 days in order to reach its goal of 20,000 signatures.

The city requires 16,000 valid signatures to put the issue on a public ballot.

Gregory said if the chamber is successful in its petition drive, voters will have an opportunity to vote on the issue in May.

It’s good to see the Chamber taking the lead in this and not being afraid of the opinions that will be thrown out at them in opposition. It’s time Lubbock. Make sure you get registered…even you College students. Let’s get this petition going and call for a vote. Let’s make Lubbock wet!

I know some will disagree, so for you…

Let’s go people, let us exercise our right to vote!

More on this Wednesday on Lubbock’s First News.


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