Did McCain Pick The Right Woman?

29 Aug

A couple of months ago I told a group of friends that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin might be an interesting choice for John McCain and this week I predicted her name would be on the short list. I really believe John McCain almost…ALMOST got it right.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Gov. Palin is a rising star in the Republican Party and she certainly has the values that Conservatives were looking for, but I don’t think this is her time. I look ahead 4-8 years and a Jindal/Palin ticket sounds like something a Conservative craves. If McCain wanted to pick up the Hillary women why not choose Kay Bailey Hutchison? She has experience and she is a little bit more pro-choice, which Hillary voters would be looking for.

We are already hearing that Palin is a “maverick”, but that’s in Alaska as a 1st term Governor. No one in that time can be a PROVEN maverick…at least not like a McCain. Another question that we and others will be asking for the next week or more, is she ready to become President? Is she prepared and qualified to step in and become President in a time that some argue is the most important days for the future of this country? How does the McCain camp sell me on Palin? Because she sounds nice? Because she’s a fresh face? Because she isn’t a Washington insider? Because she wants change? When do I start hearing that she’s the HOPE for the future?

Today I think all John McCain did was show that he can be a maverick and think on his own, but he picked a VP that independents will just see as another conservative. Sure McCain might have secured the evangelicals and most conservatives of the party, but did he gain THAT many more votes?

We will continue the discussion on both The Chad Hasty Show and Lubbock’s First News.


3 Responses to “Did McCain Pick The Right Woman?”

  1. anunlovedone August 29, 2008 at 5:54 pm #

    Ok, I say this now as a strong Obama supporter. I hoped he would run for President, when I first saw him in 2004.

    So… I really think that the choice Palin is kind of a late birthday present for Barack Obama. McCain was talking about “experience” on a national and on an international basis all the time. But now the “experience” argument is off the table.

    And I would be much more concerned, if McCain had picked Kay Bailey Hutchison as running mate. She would have definitely attracted more Clinton supporters than Gov. Palin will.

    But let’s see what will happen in the upcoming days. In less than 70 days, we will know if this was a good pick or not.
    Right now I think she is, but like I said I’m an Obama-Democrat. 🙂

  2. Brethren Priestess September 2, 2008 at 8:54 pm #

    Yes, it’s impressive that in his attempts to attract the discouraged former Hillary-supporters (who supported her more for her gender than her policies, it seems), he found one woman who was SO extreme in her conservatism that it’s really hard to fall for the idea that picking a person who happens to be female is a sign of open-mindedness.

  3. sham September 2, 2008 at 11:17 pm #

    I guess Mc Cain decided he did not want to be president when he pick her.

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