Podcasts Posted, Why Do Conservatives Dominate Talk Radio?

20 Sep

If you missed tonight’s show or just want to hear it again, it’s been posted on our podcast site just go to: http://chadhastyshow.podomatic.com/. Tonight we talked about the Lubbock Party Patrol, Dungeons and Dragons, Texas Tech, and Trevor White’s article in the Daily Toreador regarding why conservatives dominate talk radio.

Speaking of that article… click the link to see the whole article: LINK

And here’s part of the article:

I believe that the success that conservatives experience is because people who listen to the radio for news and commentary are more educated people who have a well developed BS detector. Radio listeners can sense when talk jocks are bending the truth or avoiding a certain perspective that makes more sense. This means when a host presents his opinion he must back it up with either facts and logic, or just be so outrageously humorous that the listener doesn’t care if he is wrong.

This is the downfall of liberal beliefs, actual logic. You see, for the most part, at the fundamental level liberal thoughts are actually not thoughts at all, they are inclinations based on feelings: Feel sorry for the poor; be scared of guns; want equally distributed income so we can all be happy.

So why do you think conservatives dominate talk radio?

One Response to “Podcasts Posted, Why Do Conservatives Dominate Talk Radio?”

  1. voxunpopulari September 20, 2008 at 8:01 pm #

    Quite simply put, liberalism is boring.

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