Lubbock Music Festival May Disappear

22 Sep

In today’s AJ we got to read that the Lubbock Music Festival may disappear after this year because the City Council didn’t budget money for the festival in next years budget. What does the City Council have to do with the festival? Well for 4 years they have been giving Don Caldwell and company $175,000 a year for the LMF. In other words the City of Lubbock has been in the festival business for 4 years and Don Caldwell was in charge.

Well now that money is gone. It’s been 4 years and the festival still hasn’t made any money and it can’t stand on it’s own. Paul Beane and Mayor Martin have taken the attitude of sink or swim for the festival and I can’t say I disagree with them.

In the paper Jim Douglass, who is in a battle with static in the morning to see who can get the lowest ratings, blames the City Council for LMF not getting top headliners. Really Jim? The City Council is at fault? What about the dopes that put the Lubbock Music Festival on the same 2 nights of one other festival? I understand why Douglass, Caldwell and the rest of the party planning committee forgot about that other festival since it’s pretty new and small. Yes, Austin City Limits kicks off on the 26th and goes until the 28th. Oh and ACL is just one of the largest music festivals in the nation and attracts the big name headliners. Here is the lineup for ACL. And since there is no Tech game this weekend…where do you think all the LIVE music fans will be..esp. those who are college students. Oops! Oh, and for families and those college students who can hear Wade Bowen at Wild West once a month, the South Plains Fair is also going this weekend.

The 2 big acts this year for the LMF, K.C. and the Sunshine Band AND Wade Bowen. Wow. Go Lubbock! The Lubbock Music Festival could have been held at some other time, but they chose this weekend when all the good acts are in Austin. Maybe they should have rethought that. After 4 years it’s time for the Lubbock Music Festival to sink or swim. I love live music, but at some point your either successful or not. If LMF fails…something will take it’s place. I’m still all for a music festival, but only if it’s done right.

*LINK to the AJ story*


One Response to “Lubbock Music Festival May Disappear”

  1. Mike September 22, 2008 at 7:35 pm #

    Find new leadership. Give them two years to break even. If they can’t, then cut’em loose.

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