And The Opposition Forms…

1 Oct

So you’ve now heard about Let Lubbock Vote, the political action committee formed to begin a petition drive to let Lubbock citizens vote on alcohol sales.

Information passed onto myself and to KFYO where you heard about it first has led us to discover that the opposition, those who don’t want YOU to be able to vote, has now officially formed their own PAC as of September 30th. The name of it? “The Truth About Alcohol Sales”. The treasurer for this PAC? Dr. Larry Jones, yes THAT Larry Jones of the Lubbock Area Baptist Association. He is the same person who said he did not want to lead this organization and that it wasn’t a religious issue. The only problem with that is that the treasurer is the “face” of the organization. You see their name on all advertising.

More on this on Thursday’s LFN.

One Response to “And The Opposition Forms…”

  1. Mountainboomer October 1, 2008 at 8:34 pm #

    Go here –

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