Why Let Lubbock Vote Can Take Money From Anyone They Want

2 Oct

2 PACS for two different reasons. I’ve noticed that there is still discussion out there about why Let Lubbock Vote feels it’s okay to take money from those who would benifit from alcohol sales while saying TAAS(Truth About Alcohol Sales) should not take money from those who profit off of sales. I’m not really sure why it’s so hard to understand why one is being hypocritical and the other isn’t.

When the Lubbock Area Baptist Association announced they would form a PAC and fight against the petition drive I invited them onto the morning show. I asked Larry Jones whether the PAC, LABA, or any of the member Churches would accept money from those who sell alcohol and at that time he gave a non-answer. You can go to the podcast site and hear it yourself. In fact, to this day the new PAC, TAAS, has not ruled out taking money from those (owners of the strip) who profit off the sell of alcohol right now.

So why shouldn’t they take the money? TAAS was not formed because they hate voting. They were not formed because they hated democracy. No, TAAS was formed because the members and supporters hate alcohol. TAAS believes that alcohol leads to evil and that alcohol is bad for the family. They hate alcohol because alcohol will bring in more homeless people, prostitutes, drunk driving, violence, and other crimes. Don’t believe me? Here is Dr. Jones quoted from KCBD on Wednesday Oct. 1st:

“We will do everything we need to do to fight this battle,” Larry Jones with TAAS said.  He opposes expanded alcohol sales for several reasons.  “Not just alcohol, but bars.  Not just bars, but prostitution.  Not just prostitution, but organized crime.  We’re begging for an escalation of all of these factors because of increased alcohol,” Jones said.

Now, why would an organization that believes alcohol sales would do all of that take money from those who sell alcohol? Wouldn’t that be blood money? If TAAS takes money from anyone who currently makes a profit from the sell of alcohol it shows that they are hypocrites. Alcohol is bad…but hey we will take their money! That doesn’t sound right to me. You can’t be against something so much and be so adament against it yet take the money from it’s sell. All your doing is saying to people hey, go drink and help fund our movement.

Let Lubbock Vote has never come out for or against anything other than being for voting. They never criticized anyone. Let Lubbock Vote wants a vote and that’s it. The Chamber, which formed this PAC, is pro-business. If WalMart, 7/11, United, etc. get to sell alcohol and make more money…isn’t that good for business? When polled, nearly 90% of the Chamber’s members supported alcohol sales and for the Chamber to get involved. So how exactly is it hypocritical for Let Lubbock Vote, a group pushing for voting not sales, to take money from any type of business?

At the end of the day, TAAS can take money from anyone they want and that’s fine. If TAAS wants to take money from those who profit off of alcohol sales, that’s great. It is a free country. But if they do, in it’s next press release when TAAS is describing the evils of alcohol such as domestic violence, child abuse, drunk driving, prostitution, homelessness, sex, organized crime, and death…they should add this one thing to the list: TAAS PAC Contributor.


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