Source: Anti-Alcohol Crowd Hassling Signers

3 Oct

Just got word from a source of mine inside the Let Lubbock Vote organization that at one of the petition locations has had issues today and a field worker reported in that:

(those)opposing are hassling petition signers and one of them even tore a completed petition page in two, then another one of them actually spit on one of the petition signs.”

This seems to fall in line with another experience someone had. This post is from someone posting on the popular message board

My wife and I went to WalMart on Quaker around lunch and signed the petition.

I would love to sit out there for an hour and listen to everyone’s responses when they are asked if they want to sign the petition.  When we were there I heard a few “hell yeah’s.”

My favorite people though were the ones that didn’t want to sign it.  The first guy was asked if he would sign to get alcohol on the ballot.  His response was “Put it OONNN the ballot???”, “Yes sir”….”NO WAY!!”

There was a lady right behind him, who the volunteer asked if  she was a registered voter in Lubbock.  She said, “Yeah…but I’m not signing that sh!t,”  all while rolling her eyes and scoffing at the volunteer collecting signatures.  I think the vast majority of people are all for this, but those that aren’t are quite entertaining when asked to sign the petition.

This doesn’t sound like a plan TAAS/LABA would put together. Instead it sounds like a few idiots who don’t agree with the petition drive, and can’t express themselves in a civil manner. It’s amazing how much hatred some have for this.


2 Responses to “Source: Anti-Alcohol Crowd Hassling Signers”

  1. Phil R October 4, 2008 at 8:18 am #

    It’s fine to be opposed to the ballot initiative. But there is a portion of our population that is so convinced of their “rightness,” and so afraid of the voters of Lubbock County telling them that they are wrong, that they will resort to any tactic to assure that this initiative fails.

  2. Mountainboomer October 4, 2008 at 8:32 am #

    This is just wrong. If LABA doesn’t come out by Monday night and condemn this behavior, then they are condoning it.

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