LABA Jones: Pressure and Voters’ Rights

8 Oct

In today’s Daily Toreador, the alcohol petition is being discussed and LABA’s very own Larry Jones had some interesting quotes. I’ll also throw in a bonus Tech student quote below: (link to full story)

The key opponent to the petitions is Larry Jones, director of missions with the Lubbock Area Baptist Association.

Jones said he and 18 other citizens of Lubbock County have formed an opposing PAC called “Truth About Alcohol Sales,” which discourages voters from signing the petitions and asks them to vote against the propositions in the event enough signatures are obtained to become propositions on next year’s ballots.

“We’re getting organized,” he said Monday. “We now have a private location. We have opened a bank account with $1,300 in it, and two members have pledged $7,500 for our first advertisements.”

Jones said his PAC is concerned that voters’ rights are being violated by petition officials who seek people willing to sign the petition.

“They’re saying that they’re getting a great response from the voters,” he said, “but many people that I’ve talked to who don’t want to sign the petition feel harassed and pressured to do so.”

“I filled out the petition Saturday here,” said Marli Street, a freshman public relations major from Pampa. “I actually did feel pressured to do so. The man was very (insistent) about me filling out the paper. He kept saying he was going to make it as simple as possible for me to fill it out. I just felt a little taken aback by how pressured I felt.”

Wow, Mr. Jones is now concerned that voters’ rights are being violated? His group (LABA) and PAC are AGAINST VOTING IN THE FIRST PLACE! How can he be even concerned about this voters’ rights when he his trying to shutdown voting on this issue all together? What planet is he living on? Can’t those who want to vote for alcohol claim that Larry Jones is violating my right to vote?

And to the Tech student who felt pressured to sign the petition…GROW UP. If you don’t want to sign it, walk away. Just because you signed something that you claim you had no idea about doesn’t mean you were pressured. It means your an idiot who signed a piece of paper. Look, to those who don’t want to sign the petition…no problem. Just say no thank you and walk away.

More on this story tomorrow.




One Response to “LABA Jones: Pressure and Voters’ Rights”

  1. A.Marie October 8, 2008 at 1:12 pm #

    1. oooo…should we be impressed by LABA’s bank account??

    2. Yes — I’m feeling violated, Mr. Jones!

    3. What do you expect from someone born in 1990?

    4. I’ve signed the petition; I was not pressured, harassed, bothered, hassled, or otherwise pursued by the volunteers at the table. Geez, people.

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