9 Days In October

17 Oct

Let Lubbock Vote appeared on Lubbock’s First News earlier today and announced that they had collected and verified more than enough signatures for the petition drive by day 9. In fact, they are still verifying signatures and allowing people to sign the petition at the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce. It appears as though Let Lubbock Vote has collected more than 33,000 signatures since October 1st, and they expect more than 25,000 are valid.

Now, there is the TRUTH about Alcohol Sales and what people want in Lubbock.

Let Lubbock Vote still needs contributions to pay for the petition effort. Just go to letlubbockvote.org to contribute.

How will TAAS respond? We will see.


One Response to “9 Days In October”

  1. MG October 19, 2008 at 8:39 am #

    From what I understand, Texas Petition Strategies will not hand over the signatures until Let Lubbock Vote can pay for the petition, which is over 100K. Does anyone know how much they have raised so far? I would hate for all those signatures to be collected and then this not go through because it could not be paid for.

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