8 Dec

Starting today, I will be posting thoughts on news that happened during the day. Most of these stories will also be discussed on LFN the following morning or on Saturday’s Chad Hasty Show.

So the Texas Tech Hockey club has had their contract terminated after failing to pay over $10,000 in rent. Well I’m not sure if I’m suprised about this or not. I do feel bad for the 20 die-hard fans of Tech Hockey who gave up time and energy to fight for this club against the City. I do not feel bad for the club though. They didn’t hold up their end of the agreement…rent…so they should be thrown out. I hope the Tech Hockey won’t come crying to the media this time about the unfair treatment. Unless the City lost a $10,000 check, I see no reason for Tech Hockey to continue playing at the City Bank Colisseum.

  • LPD Arrest 4 in Window Shootings

Lubbock Police have arrested 4 dumbasses in the rash of window shootings around Lubbock. Yes they are dumbasses and I have no sympathy for people who would just go around destroying other people’s property because they are bored and/or stupid. I don’t know how long we can put these losers behind bars but give them the max.

You can all stop emailing me about this. Obama is a US citizen. I’ve said this whole issue is crap and it is and always has been. If there was anything to this then Rush, Hannity, Boortz, and myself would have been all over it. Come on people attack Obama for something real like smoking or being a Muslim Jihadist.


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