9 Dec

We discussed this story a couple of weeks back on The Chad Hasty Show and made fun of the idea and I will continue to do so. I don’t care if you’re gay or straight…it really doesn’t have any effect on my day or life at all. That being said, if you call into work because your gay, black, hispanic, confused and that causes me to lose productivity or makes me work harder…then I care. Gay used to mean “happy”, so does that mean happy people can call in? If so, then we are just going to have jerks at work on Wednesday. I feel bad for those who are sick tomorrow though. Why? Well…it’s kind of like Halloween in Texas. If you are a sex offender in Texas you have to turn your porch light off on Halloween. If you don’t want to give out candy or you are simply not home..your light is off too. See the misunderstanding that could happen? Well if you call in sick tomorrow…what does that mean? Seriously though, I thought homosexuals wanted to be treated like everyone else? Shut-up and go to work.

No big surprise here, but good job to those who actually worked hard to clean up someone’s mess. This never should have happened and I’m glad heads rolled. Kent Hance is doing a fine job and he means business. In today’s world that is not the norm.

(By Rex Andrew)The big national story this afternoon is about the “allegedly” crooked governor of Illinois  (Blagojevich) who was arrested this morning for “allegedly” trying to sell Barack Obama’s Senate seat.  One Illinois senator is now proposing legislation that would result in a special election to fill Obama’s Senate seat, preventing the governor from doing so.  What riles me is the low bail set for the governor — $4500.  If I was the judge, I would have added a condition for the governor’s release — that he not appoint a new senator until a special election is held.  Any appointment by this governor would be questionable under the circumstances.


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