Councilman John Leonard Assaulted This Morning

24 Dec

From the AJ:

City Councilman John Leonard was assaulted early this morning when he got into an altercation with neighbors about their loud music, Lubbock police said.

Leonard, 46, got into an altercation with three men in a second-floor apartment at the Dakota Arms, in the 6700 block of 82nd Street, according to the police report. He called police at 12:55 a.m. today.

He and 34-year-old Jessica Haris, who were in the first-floor apartment, went to the apartment directly above them several times to ask the men to turn down the loud music after midnight, Police Lt. Neal Barron said.

The altercation between the three men and Leonard occurred just outside the second-floor apartment. Leonard went to University Medical Center in a personal vehicle. His condition was unknown.

Haris was not injured.

The suspects were not at the apartment when police arrived. They have been identified, but had not yet been charged, Barron said.

We will have more on this later when more details come out.


One Response to “Councilman John Leonard Assaulted This Morning”

  1. Dothe Rightthing July 18, 2011 at 5:27 pm #

    This guy needed a serious butt kicking…he treated the folks who wanted skating and hockey in Lubbock like crap. Just look at this headline..don’t take my word for it. Kiddie porn..what a sick individual!!!

    FBI warrant details pornographic images on former councilman’s ……/john-leonard…/6QF7JhoXG02vm7ujAYjd

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