29 Dec

A year ago I began hosting Lubbock’s First News and started down the fun road of weekday talk radio. I had been doing The Chad Hasty Show for just about 2 years when I was approached about LFN and of course I jumped at the chance. I love doing radio, it’s who I am and I have fun doing it. My love for radio and expressing ideas while having fun is why I still do the Saturday show.

There were many obstacles to overcome and to be honest I didn’t have 100% support from everyone inside the building at first. Some thought that a 25 year old fresh out of college couldn’t do morning radio. However, and not to brag, but I wasn’t just a 25 year old kid out of college. I started in radio in 2003 at 950AM with Williams and Hyatt as an intern, then moved on to produce the morning show (disaster) at the same station. Then when Williams and Hyatt moved over to 1340AM…so did I. Then I was offered the Saturday show on KFYO. In other words…I knew how to do radio and how not to do radio. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are things I still have to learn and I learn something new it seems everyday. KFYO’s Robert Snyder knew all of this and my passion and because of his effort and confidence I am able to on the radio in the mornings. (Those who can’t stand me can forward your complaints to him). Another person to thank is Ryan Hyatt. Hyatt is a mentor and friend who helped show me the ropes of radio, and still gives me advice today. It always helps to have someone (who isn’t family) that believes in what you do and can be blunt, honest, and trustworthy. I also have to thank Rex Andrew and Matt Coppel. Without them the show wouldn’t be the same. We don’t always agree with each other, but both Rex and Coppel bring a unique and informed opinion and perspective to the show. They are great to work with and well it’s just a lot of fun to do the show with them. There are others in the building…and out of the building to thank, and most of them know who they are, but if I wrote about them all this would be really long.

HOWEVER, there is someone else to thank. YOU. When I first joined LFN it was a much different show and the audience didn’t seem that involved. Since then the ratings have skyrocketed, there are more callers, and more people are emailing the show. We even have more and more younger listeners listening to the show and getting involved in talk radio. I think interaction is the key when it comes to talk radio. Sure I love to give my opinion, but I also enjoy hearing yours. Sure we may disagree on an issue or two, but who said debate was a bad thing? And yes, there are some people who can’t stand me, but…they still listen. The more calls and emails we get, the better. We always have the phone lines open for you and as we head into 2009 I hope we get even more calls, new callers, and emails.

After one year on the air on LFN, I thank each and every one of you. You let us inside your home, car, and business to entertain and inform and without you I wouldn’t get to do what I love doing. It is still amazing one year later that I get to do this as a job. Keep tuning in, keep calling in or emailing in, and tell your friends about us.

Thank You Lubbock!



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