29 Jan

A Gallup series called “State of the States” shows Texans are about evenly divided(43% Democratic 41% Republican) when it comes to party affiliations. In fact according to Gallup, Texas is one of the most evenly divided states in the country.

“The most balanced political states in 2008 were Texas (+2 Democratic), South Dakota (+1), Mississippi (+1), North Dakota (+1), South Carolina (even), Arizona (even), Alabama (+1 Republican), and Kansas (+2 Republican).”

So what does this mean? Nothing really. This is the Obama bounce we are seeing nationwide and it’s a long time until 2012. What does this mean for the Governor’s race? Could a Democrat win the race? Well sure anything is possible, but with 2 high profile Republicans in the run I don’t see it happening…yet.

Here is the link to the Gallup poll: LINK


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