Clinton News Coverage

3 Feb

The following is from Rex Andrew:
For those of you visiting, here is a preview of one of the cases on Friday’s edition of Rex Offender.  It’s about a story on ABC’s evening newscast on Monday.  Keep in mind, the newscast is only 30 minutes long.  When you deduct time for commercials, the actual news time is perhaps 21-22 minutes.  Reporters compete for time on the newscast.  Only the most newsworthy stories make it on the air.  Judge for yourself whether this 18-second story was newsworthy.
“And at the state department today, there was a symbolic swearing in for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who took the official oath last month.  The secretary made her husband, the former president, blush, when she thanked him for a lifetime of all kinds of experiences, which she quickly added has given her an extraordinary richness, for which she expressed gratitude.”
Was this really newsworthy?  No way.  As the story indicated, the ceremony was symbolic…the official oath had already taken place.  Surely there was more important news ABC could have aired.
Here’s my take on why the story was aired.
I suspect this was part of the ongoing effort by some in the media to rehabilitate Bill Clinton’s reputation.  I also suspect ABC newsman George Stephanopoulos, a former Clinton staffer, was the person who was responsible for the story.  It was ten years ago this month that Clinton’s impeachment trial was coming to an end, and perhaps Stephanopoulos anticipates there will be stories in the next few weeks reminding Americans about the trial.

What do you think?  More about this on Friday.


One Response to “Clinton News Coverage”

  1. Anonymous February 4, 2009 at 11:58 am #

    Rex’s obsession with the Clintons is the stuff of legends, boarding on psychotic. Reminds me a lot of Glenn Close’s character in Fatal Attraction.

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