6 Feb

I will be hosting today’s edition of The Williams and Hyatt Show while Ryan is out doing something I can’t write about here, and Don is busy going through Leach’s contract. Speaking of Leach’s contract that will be today’s big topic on the program. Today the AJ did a FOI reguest to obtain the proposed contract with Mike Leach and letters from his agents, Myers, Board of Regents, and whoever else you could think of. Here is the link to Don Williams story (link).

As for the 4 terms that Leach will not agree to, here they are from Don Williams:

O’Hagan then detailed four new terms that were unacceptable:
— Tech reduces the guaranteed income due Leach should it fire the coach  without cause. The most common occurrence of without-cause firings is the dismissal of  coaches whose win-loss records are deemed unsatisfactory.

— Tech has increased Leach’s buyout clause from its current $500,000 if he leaves Tech to as much as $1.5 million. O’Hagan called the clause “among the highest in the Big 12 Conference’’ and said four Big 12 coaches — Oklahoma’s Bob Stoops, Texas’ Mack Brown, Kansas’ Mark Mangino and Kansas State’s Bill Snyder have no buy-out.

— Tech inserted a requirement that Leach ask permission before interviewing for other jobs. If he does not do so, he can be fired for cause and subject to a penalty clause of $1.5 million. There is no such penalty clause in Leach’s current contract.

— According to O’Hagan, Leach must “assign over to the university and its agent, Learfield Sports, all rights to his name and identity, so that the university can sell Mike’s time and the use of his name and identity to third parties.

Here is an email sent from TTU Regents Chairman F. Scott Dueser to Matt Baldwin(Leach rep.):

Dueser wrote to Baldwin: “I cannot adequately express the level of disappointment I feel that you would take the liberty of communicating directly with certain members of the Board of Regents regarding the status of your negotiations with Chancellor Hance, President (Guy) Bailey and Athletic Director Myers without, at the very least, showing them the courtesy and respect of receiving a copy of your communication. Be assured that I have addressed your lapse in judgment by forwarding your original message and attachments to the Chancellor, President and Athletic Director and to the other Regents not included on your original e-mail.

“If your message was calculated to divide the Board or undermine the Chancellor, President and Athletic Director, you have greatly misjudged us and the mutual respect we have for one another. You would be doing Coach Leach a great service if you would conduct your negotiations solely with and limit your communications solely to the Chancellor, President and Athletic Director. Speaking for the Board of Regents, please remove our names from your distribution list.’’

Yeah you could call this bad blood I think. Tell me what you think either here on the blog or call in during the Williams and Hyatt Show as I host 4-7pm on SportsRadio 1340.



  1. Mark Brown February 8, 2009 at 1:18 am #

    If Tech allows Leach to leave, this football program will drop to the cellar of the Big 12 South so fast it will make your head spin. I was in school when Steve Sloan left & saw it happen. Tech went from 10-1 to 1-9-1 in 3 short seasons. What Meyers and the Tech administration need to grasp is that Mike Leach is TALENT. As in Hollywood, TALENT gets to do whatever it wants whenever it wants. They are not normal employees. They don’t work for you. You work to keep them happy. They have something their bosses don’t have: TALENT. Athletic directors are easily replaced, not talented head coaches. Why waste your money on a stadium expansion & then let the person leave who makes it a viable project? I believe it’s time for Meyers to retire and Leach should decide who to bring in as the new Athletic Director. And Texas Tech should take the language in Mack Brown and Bob Stoops’ contracts concerning the 4 current sticking points & offer Leach the exact same language. And they should do all this yesterday.

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