24 Feb

If you’ve been listening to the radio I’m sure you’ve heard about the City of Houston considering paying off some people’s credit card debt so they can buy a home. (link)

We didn’t have a chance to get into the story this morning on the show, but we will on Wednesday morning. Here is part of the story:

Houston taxpayers could start footing the bill to help first-time homebuyers pay off debts and improve their credit scores, under a proposal before City Council this week.

The “Credit Score Enhancement Program” will give up to $3,000 in grants to individuals who are trying to qualify for mortgages through the city’s homebuyers assistance program. City officials say some applicants fall short of eligibility by only 10 or 20 points on their credit scores, and paying off some debt balances can quickly improve their numbers.

Are you kidding me? Why should taxpayers have to pay off someone else’s irresponsibility? As someone who just left Texas Tech my credit score isn’t perfect, but I don’t expect anyone but me to improve my credit score or pay off my debt. Obama wants to use taxpayer money to pay off mortgage’s that people couldn’t afford, now Houston wants to pay off debt of irresponsible people.

RIP days of Personal Responsibility.



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