18 Mar

Just got this email from Lubbock Democratic Chair Pam Brink regarding the Voter ID Bill:


Please call the local office of Delwin Jones TODAY, March 18: 763-4468.

Tell him to vote AGAINST the Voter ID Bill. This bill is a concerted effort by Texas Republicans to disenfranchise all Texas citizens who do not have a driver’s license — the poor, the elderly, the disabled, and all other people who don’t or can’t drive.

Jones voted against these efforts in 2007. He needs to know he has local support for voting against it this time.

Please find a minute to call TODAY (763-4468) or at least email ( and register your protest against this very bad and politically motivated legislation.

Attorney General Abbott spent a boat-load of tax-payer money looking for voter fraud in Texas. His research uncovered virtually NONE! Voter Fraud is a Chimera! Voter Suppression is the real issue.



Of course Pam Brink and the rest of the libs are WRONG on this issue. However, I also encourage you to call Delwin Jones and tell him to vote FOR the Voter ID Bill. Showing a photo ID helps to prevent fraud and that is it. Just because no one has been charge for voting fraud doesn’t mean it wont happen. Why not take every step possible to have a fair election and make sure there isn’t fraud?

The argument that this is unfair to blacks and hispanics is crap too. Think about all the things that require you have a photo ID. Driving, getting money out of your bank, writing checks, buying beer, flying, entrance into some clubs, and there are more. I haven’t heard people bitch and moan about using an ID at those times.

So yes, call Delwin Jones or your own State Rep. and tell them to vote FOR the Voter ID Bill. BTW, Rep. Carl Isett will vote for it.


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