24 Mar

The City Council said NO to the Lubbock Police and a 15% pay increase yesterday during the council meeting. Lubbock is still 60 officers short of being at full strength and some say, well most say that a pay increase will help Lubbock bring in more qualified applicants and Lubbock would be able to compete for recruits with cities like Plano, Austin, etc.

Lubbock is right around the 11th largest city in Texas, yet we rank 43rd in Police pay. Sorry, but there is something wrong with that. Yes I know it cost less to live here, but these officers are having to deal with a lot of people and a lot of space. We all know the City loves to annex so we aren’t getting any smaller.

In an earlier story about the crime rate going up in Lubbock, the police said that having more officers would absolutely cut down on crime in Lubbock. In a 2008 interview with the AJ, then Mayoral candidate, Tom Martin, said this:

Protecting the citizens of Lubbock and keeping our city as safe as possible has always been a top priority for me – it always will be. I always work to make our neighborhoods safer. Crime rates are down since we established higher levels of police staffing in 2004.

Well Mayor, since the crime rate is higher and the Police can get more applicants and better qualified applicants by offering more money, it only makes sense to pony up the cash.

Police officers put their lives on the line everyday and deal with the scum of the earth, and all they are looking for is a little more pay and better officers. I’ll take a tax increase for this. I’d rather the city use my money for Police than all of the other dumb things they spend money on.

We hear people all the time say that teachers, police, and firefighters deserve more pay. But it’s all just talk. It’s something that sounds good to say, because who could honestly be against it? Yet when it comes time to take action we do nothing. This Mayor, who likes to preach about looking into the future and blames former council’s for not looking into the future in regards to water, all of a sudden can’t see beyond his next election. It’s time for us to put our money where our mouths are. If you don’t want the Police to get a pay raise, then fine, but don’t complain next time about response times. Remember their numbers are dwindling and we can stop it.

City leaders, we are watching.

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