8 Apr

Well I’m glad you asked. In the Flyer of (Photoshopped) Fear, we see the photoshopped store with homes behind it. Yesterday, TAAS spokeman Brant O’Hair made a big deal about this and that home values would decline. HOWEVER, documents obtained from the City of Wolfforth and the Lubbock County Central Apprasial District show otherwise.

Wolfforths taxable wealth has increased each year since the election and has grown 18.9% since 2006.

Wolfforth’s Taxable value:

2006: $156,819,099.00  2007: $179,623,659.00   2008: $186,531,115.00

Now, what about that house that’s “so close” to the Beer store? (Remember in the photoshopped mailer, the house was brought closer. In real life where most of us live, it’s further away)

Home featured in TAAS mailer @ 800 9th Street, Wolfforth:

2004 Value: $37, 587

2008 Value: $55, 736

THAT’S UP 48.2%!

See the post below for more of the REAL pictures of the store vs. what TAAS photoshopped.


You can also click HERE to see a larger picture of the above image.



  1. M. Gutierrez April 8, 2009 at 3:32 pm #

    Is it Christmas already? Because we don’t have our tree up and haven’t done any shopping yet!

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