23 Apr

DPS has unveilled the new look for the Texas Drivers License. Here it is:


So what do you think? Here are some of the facts about the new look from the Austin American Statesman:

Driver’s license makeover

The state began mailing out redesigned driver’s licenses and state ID cards Wednesday.

• New security features: Officials refused to discuss specifics, citing security concerns but said the license is more sophisticated than its predecessor to curb counterfeiting, tampering and fraud.

• New look: The photo is on the left instead of the right. Cards include a profile of the Austin skyline. ‘Texas’ is printed in a flowing script. The Texas flag and the state seal are gone, as are the words ‘Department of Public Safety.’

• Who needs one? The cards will be issued to new drivers and phased in when drivers renew expired licenses. Cost is still $24.

• Last redesign: June 2001

Source: Texas Department of Public Safety



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