Celibacy and the Church: Alberto Cutié

12 May

The following is from LFN intern Toni:

On May 7th breaking news broke out about a popular Miami Beach priest, Alberto Cutié, being caught in a scandal as a swarm of paparazzi snap very incriminating photos. Once again I am reading a story that deals with some allegation involving the Roman Catholic Church.

Cutié, pronounced koo-tee-AY, took an oath on celibacy but during the course of three days, he was caught in hypocrisy as pictures found him with an attractive woman kissing at a bar. One photo even reveals the over friendly priest with wandering hands fondling this mystery woman’s rear end.

It is understandable that Cutié was partaking in affection that is purely human impulse but what is baffling is that this affair was ongoing for two years. Cutié has spoken on CBS’ Early Show and was ‘deeply’ apologetic but is he only apologetic because he got caught by a Spanish tabloid? If these pictures were not made public, would Cutié still be hiding this romantic relationship while breaking the oath that he took more than 22 years ago? He has been dubbed ‘Father Oprah’ because of the attention and impact he provided for the Spanish community but now he is unsure of his future as he stepped down as president from his 24 hour Catholic radio station and is no longer the head of St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church.

In order to serve God in the Catholic Church, priests take a vow of celibacy which suggests that these men are “the bride of Christ” which eliminates any form of sexual conduct. The purpose of this oath is that it allows complete dedication to God and the Church with no distractions. This policy has been unchanged for the past 900 years but of course it has sparked several debates on whether or not this rule should be changed to keep up with modern times.

Evidently, Cutié was unable to uphold that promise. The Catholics have spent quite a few decades being surrounded in sexual abuse, parish embezzlement and doctrinal intolerance.

It is saddening to know that the catholic clergy deny communion to gays, divorcees, and anyone who violates the litany of “non-negotiable” rules and then pick up a newspaper and read plots to conceal evidence, moving offending priests from parish to parish rather than having them permanently removed from priesthood, and failure to report any criminal acts. Often times I wonder, when the Catholic Church will run out of the millions they keep spending to suppress bad press?

What other headlining news pertaining to the Catholic Church will we see later this year?

The Catholic Church has some serious thinking to do on this debate involving clerical celibacy because this concept seems to be collapsing rapidly.

According to the interview he gave with the Early Show, Cutié believes celibacy should be optional and seemed remorseful for having breaking it… only after he was caught.

TVnotas was the magazine that printed the photos with about two dozen images taken of the Popular Priest.


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