12 May

Lubbock County is now wet thanks to the voters and also to the Chamber for getting the ball rolling on a petition drive. From day one I was pro-vote and pro-sales, and I never tried to hide the fact that I felt that way. To some this was a problem and all of a sudden I became an outspoken activist. The problem is, the people who thought that way obviously have no idea what my philosophy is when it comes to radio.

There are many different types of radio show hosts. Some depend solely on callers and giveaways while others hardly ever take calls and really don’t care about your opinion. Other shows take calls when they can and hopefully the callers can mesh with the show. Personally, I like taking calls if they are on topic and the caller can bring something to the show. Hopefully you, the caller, can bring a new idea and some insight into what we are talking about.

Now, alcohol sales in Lubbock. Yes, I was for it and very happy that it passed. Was I harsh to the TAAS people? Possibly at times, sure, but at the end of the day it’s politics and that’s what happens. I saw a group that told people they were trying to represent the moral and religious part of the community, yet at times they lied and deceived people. I was called a “drunk” and an “outspoken activist” by one Baptist minister in town and I had never met this person. I wasn’t surprised though, I knew the stance I took on the election would be unpopular to some, but I don’t do a show that is meant to be fair and nice to everyone. I don’t always want everyone to agree with me. I was even told by people in our company that there was no way I could win with people. I disagree.

Lubbock’s First News and The Chad Hasty Show were the 2 most outspoken shows in Lubbock when it came to this issue. My goal is to provide an entertaining, thought provoking radio show that debates ALL the issues. Some shows tried to skate around the election, but not me. LFN and The Chad Hasty Show will always talk about the issues that matter, and it doesn’t matter how controversial the topics are. Sure, I might have made some of listeners mad by taking a stand, but anytime a host takes a stand on an issue someone is going to disagree with you. Last week the AJ didn’t endorse either side of the alcohol debate and in my opinion, any local media outlet that didn’t sound off on this issue lost credibility. LFN showed that we aren’t afraid to discuss the issues and I can tell you right now that we will continue to bring you blunt, honest opinions and take yours as well. Something you should also remember, I don’t have to be fair. Sure the name of the program has the word “news” in it, but it’s not a news show. It’s an opinion show.

There are some who say that to them this wasn’t an important issue. I don’t buy that. If you live in Lubbock County, than this election effected you and every election is important. Some say we spent too much time talking about the election. I don’t agree. This was one of the biggest elections for Lubbock County in years. This election split people, churches, friends and neighbors. How could this not have been big news? How could I just ignore it?

I wasn’t an out spoken activist for the FOR side in the election. I am the host of 2 radio shows that aren’t afraid to talk about the issues that matter. I don’t regreat a word I said during the election. I provided entertainment, opinion, and information, oh and we provided a place for you the listener to either agree or disagree with us. Oh, and just incase you forgot, 64% of people agreed with at least some of what I was saying.

Yes, the FOR side won, but so did we. LFN and The Chad Hasty Show won because we weren’t afraid to talk about this and I wasn’t afraid to take the heat from some people out in the community and some within my own building. I gave my opinion and so did many others. It just goes to show that LFN is the show to listen to for REAL opinions on ALL the issues. We will continue to do it no matter how unpopular it may seem to some people. LFN will continue to entertain, inform, and give you a chance to voice your opinion. THAT’S my philosophy. It’s also the reason why LFN and The Chad Hasty Show continue to grow and get more listeners. It’s the reason why LFN is the number 1 morning talk show.

As always, thank you for listening. Now it’s time for Lubbock to move on and focus on the next fight.


2 Responses to “SOME STILL DON’T GET IT”

  1. Lubbock Left May 18, 2009 at 2:42 pm #

    I appreciated your coverage of the alcohol election.


  1. SOME STILL DON’T GET IT - May 12, 2009

    […] Original post by chadhasty […]

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