13 May

This morning on LFN we took the entire 8 o’clock hour to discuss gays in the military and whether “don’t ask, don’t tell” should be done away with. Most of the callers that called in said they had no problem with gays in the Military, and personally neither do I. If I’m being shot at the only thing I care about is if the guy standing next to me can shoot straight.

What I found the most interesting was the generational breakdown of those who didn’t want gays in service vs. those who didn’t care. We had many former military guys that called into the show and those that were over 60 were opposed based on the moral arguement. The whole, “I don’t want them checking me out” deal that people were really afraid of back in the day. Those that were former Military and under the age of 45 didn’t care and didn’t serving with gays as a big deal.

If you missed the discussion, be sure to check it out on iTunes or on the podcast site, HERE.


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