18 May

Well it looks as though the election was legal, but of course there are some people out there still trying to cause problems for all of us heathens that would like lower prices and the ability to buy wine at the store. Here is the latest from the county:

No previous elections conflict with the wet status of any area in Lubbock County, according to an opinion sent from the county’s civil division to the clerk’s office.
John Grace, an assistant criminal district attorney in the county’s civil division, wrote in a letter released Monday afternoon that “all areas of Lubbock County should now be considered ‘wet'” for the sale of off-premise alcohol and mixed drinks.
“I note specifically that I can find no record of any election to prohibit any type of alcohol by any jurisdiction within the county,” Grace wrote.
Issues in the state’s alcohol code and a recent attorney general’s ruling had called the wet or dry status of some areas into question after May 9’s landslide vote to allow alcohol sales.
County commissioners certified the results of that vote at a special morning meeting.
The letter refers to a request by County Clerk Kelly Pinion for an analysis on the county’s wet and dry status. (link)

Sounds great right? Time to kick this thing off and start giving out licenses! Wrong. Remember the Strip? Well they are still in negotiations with the City of Lubbock regarding zoning and building size. Should the stores be able to be larger than 3,000 sq. ft.? Maybe, but that’s not MY issue right now. Here is the latest regarding the lawsuit by the strip:

Medina approved a 90-day extension to the temporary restraining order against alcohol licenses he gave in early May. Both sides had agreed to the extension last week.
The lengthy extension covers the amount of time it could take to approve new zoning rules. The ordinance could go before Lubbock’s planning and zoning commission in early June and before the council by July. (full story)

So, it could be August or later before Lubbock starts seeing alcohol sold in stores. Of course the Strip wanted 90 days to figure everything out because they still want the money (I don’t blame them). If you wait until July before the City Council decides anything then the Strip has been able to cash in on all the Summer sales. Memorial Day, 4th of July, weekends at the pool, etc., nice isn’t it? The City of Lubbock needs to get this zoning deal hammered out fast. No one on the Council has any reason to want to see this play out for months. The people of Lubbock have spoken, and it’s time for the City to act. At the end of the day the Mayor nor any of the council members would benefit from the Strip raking in more money while they draw this thing out.

Or could they?


One Response to “LUBBOCK COUNTY WET, BUT…”

  1. Jason May 20, 2009 at 3:07 pm #

    The city council has other important things to worry about. Like making sure the fire department receives its second raise this year.

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