2 Jul

Every Friday(Thursday this week) Lubbock’s First News will bring you the LFN Ammo Report at 8am. This is where we give you the information on where to find ammo and how much it cost. Of course, this information could change day to day and we only get information from 3-4 places each week so keep that in mind. Here is this weeks LFN Ammo Report(numbers gathered on Thursday):

Big 5 Sports9mm-IN STOCK for $16.99, 380-NONE in stock, .22 NONE in stock, .40-IN STOCK for $22.99,.357-IN STOCK for $31.99, .45-NONE in stock

Academy(limit 5 boxes): 9mm-NONE in stock, 380-NONE in stock, .22-IN STOCK for $6.89.40-in stock for $16.99, .357-NONE in stock, .45-IN STOCK for $41.99

Sharp Shooters(limit 2-5 boxes)9mm-IN STOCK for $25.00, 380-IN STOCK for $30.00, .22 ammo-IN STOCK for $12.95,.40-IN STOCK for $31.00, .357-IN STOCK for $27.05, .45-IN STOCK for $43.95


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