6 Jul

Last Thursday we launched the brand new, and it seems as though many people enjoy the site. I wanted to take a little time and tell you about what all you can do on the site and what’s different about it.


As you know, I love using technology as a way to connect to all the listeners. It gives us another way to communicate and keep you up to date with what’s going on with the shows. That’s why we feature the “Connect with Chad” column on all the pages. With a simple click you can e-mail me, connect with me on our Facebook group, or our Twitter page. On the front page you can also view the Twitter feed as well. From time to time I will be doing contests on the front page of Another great feature is the iTunes button. By clicking on the iTunes link, we will take you to the iTunes store where you can subscribe to our podcasts.


Also on the front page we are telling you some of the big topics we are talking about during the show. We will also give you links so you can view the stories as well. We also leave up some of the stories we covered on the previous show.


In this section you will find stories that I think are interesting but we may not have time to cover on either show. In the suggested links section, we will give you links that you should really visit. Most of these links have more information on stories and the shows.


Now the blog and podcasts can be accessed by staying on There’s no need to open up any other windows. We would like for you to download the show via iTunes, but if you don’t have iTunes or you just want streaming audio, then feel free to listen.


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