28 Jul

Since last week I’ve been getting emails from listeners and questions on message boards asking why I’ve been silent on the whole Moonlight musical rumor regarding City Councilman Paul Beane. Yes, I’ve seen the email that has been going around (everyone in the Lubbock media has) and yes I’ve heard it from multiple people.

HOWEVER, as of right now it’s all just a rumor. We at LFN have tried many times to get someone to go on the record about this, but no one has. In fact most people who are tied to the Moonlight Musicals won’t even call us back. So that’s why I’ve been silent on it. Trust me, I’m not someone who holds back from going after elected officials and most of you know that. While some radio shows have gone ahead and discussed this situation, we have not because I want to hear the facts. When I go after people, it’s not because of an email I got or because of what the latest chatter is on the message boards. It’s because they have done something and there is enough proof for me to talk about it.

Through the years of being on the radio and doing the type of radio I do, I’ve never apologized for something I’ve said. I’ve never had to and I don’t plan on doing it anytime soon. It’s not because I haven’t ticked off people… I have. It’s because when I go after them I’m not just making stuff up. I also don’t just accept what a caller, email, message board says as fact.

Having said all that…

Paul Beane needs to address this issue publicly. If Paul would like to be heard by a large audience he knows my phone number and when I’m on the air. Not only does Mr. Beane need to address it, but he needs to be honest about what happened. If the rumors are true, admit you made a mistake and the public will decide whether they forgive you or not. If all the rumors are false, fight them. By letting the rumors continue and the chatter to continue you are only making the situation worse. People will remember the rumors and that Paul Beane stayed silent, and that’s not always a good thing.

Now, when someone finally comments on this whole rumor, I will let you all know what I really think. Until then…

More on this on LFN on Wednesday.


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