29 Jul

City Councilman Paul Beane is not happy with a certain morning show in town, and for once it’s not me. Yesterday I wrote a blog on why I haven’t brought up the Paul Beane/Moonlight Musical email that’s been going around. My competitors in the morning apparently received a phone call about the email during the show and decided to run with the allegations and talk about them for 2 hours. Problem is, they never had anyone on record. All they had was a phone call, email, and message board talking about the email. You can’t just believe everything you read on the internet.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the email was 100% false or Paul Beane is 100% innocent, but at least we have people on record on both sides. Here is the article from FOX 34:

Beane: E-mail a Lie
City Councilman Paul Beane calls a widely-circulated e-mail critical of his behavior at a public event “a bold-faced lie”.

The original message, written by Moonlight Musical’s Executive Director Jill Kerns, addresssed only to her board members, generating two hours of discussion Tuesday on FOX Talk in the Morning on FOX Talk 950.

The e-mail recounts what is described by Kerns as “an ugly incident”. As production staffers were considering cancelling the outdoor performance underway due to an approaching storm, the e-mail says Beane created a public disturbance, repeatedly berating Moonlight cast and staff members with profanities, even after the show was stopped.

The e-mail states an L.P.D. officer working security intervened to calm the councilman. FOX 34 found no police report on record regarding the incident. Here is Councilman Beane’s response:

“My side of the story will be told very soon,” said Beane. When asked how he said “…oh, I suspect that RAMAR will hear from me very soon.”

When asked “are you not happy with what’s been said on the radio, Beane’s response is, “Absolutely not.” When asked what’s not true about what they say Beane says “all of it. It is a bold-face lie. And they know it. Because your television station checked on the authenticity of the story over the weekend and found after talking to the police officer that it was all a lie.”

We did contact L.P.D. Sergeant John Gomez. He says while the councilman was agitated, from his perspective, there is “quite a bit of embellishment in the e-mailed account.”

Sgt. Gomez further says he “witnessed nothing that rose to the level of any type of criminal complaint that needed to be addressed by a police official. Absolutly nothing that rose to the level of a disorderly conduct violation, which what was described, would have constituted”.

The author of the e-mail, Jill Kerns, refused comment to FOX 34.

We do know that the Moonlight Musical’s Board of Directors is adopting new policies, as a result of the incident. They address criteria for suspending performances due to lightning and guidelines for removing anyone for disruptive behavior.  (link)

Again, I’m not ready to say who is right or who is wrong just yet. I’d like to hear more from Beane and those involved in Moonlight Musicals who were there that night. More on this on Thursday’s LFN.


One Response to “BEANE: “IT’S A BOLD-FACE LIE””

  1. Lightbulb Jones July 29, 2009 at 5:22 pm #

    “Yesterday I wrote a blog on why I haven’t brought up the Paul Beane/Moonlight Musical email that’s been going around.”

    You also didn’t flirt with the issue on air. I was listening and heard you not flirting with the issue on air once or twice. It’s good you never floated that hot air.

    As we know now, it was nothing more than theatere people being theatere people, and Beane being Beane.

    Much ado…

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