14 Sep

If you heard this mornings show, you know that we came up with the idea to tax Mexico for the import of illegal immigrants and the free health care they recieve here in the U.S. We decided on a new slogan, TAX MEXICO!, or TAX MEXICO not US! Why? Well since the Obama administration is wanting to tax Chinese tires, why not go after something that costs us more money? The White House has already said that illegal immigrants would recieve health care at hospitals. Well, okay… why not arrest them there? Arrest, treat, and send back to their native land I say. But lets not stop there, that country should foot the bill for the treatment. That’s why we should tax Mexico on other imports to make up for what we spend. Don’t worry other countries, we will get to you soon, but the biggest offender here in Mexico. Instead of taxing us, we should tax Mexico to make up the money.

In Lubbock tonight the Americans For Integrity In Government (AFIIG) will be holding a town hall meeting at 7pm at the City Bank Auditorium. It’s free, and here is a contest:

Make a sign that says “TAX MEXICO” or “TAX MEXICO not US!” with Lubbock’s First News 6-9am 790 KFYO on the sign. Get on the local news that night and win Breakfast House gift certificates and more. Here are the rules:

You can win 4 gift certificates to the Lubbock Breakfast House and the newest single by Foreigner if you show up to the town hall meeting tonight with a sign that says:
Tax Mexico (or something very similar)
Lubbock’s First News – 6-9am – 790 KFYO
The first five listeners (who were on local news Monday night) to show up at the station with their sign and a picture of themselves at the meeting will win!


One Response to “TAX MEXICO!”

  1. Mike September 14, 2009 at 11:17 am #

    I am so proud.

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