28 Sep

On Saturday’s Chad Hasty Show, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison called into the show to discuss the campaign for Governor. During the interview we discussed funding for Tier 1, regents at Texas Tech, and other issues.

The biggest issue by far that we spoke about was resignation. I asked the Senator when she planned on resigning and she said that she had hopped to resign this Fall, but wanted to stay and fight against Government run health-care. She then followed up by saying that’s not what she said and that she is running for Governor.

Go to and listen to the podcasts to hear the interview.

By now, KBH should be used to that question, but it’s obvious that she has no idea when she is going to step down. She is content with appearing for only 93% of the votes. The big question is… Are YOU okay with Hutchison missing votes? Should Hutchison resign so she can focus on running for Governor while someone else takes care of representing us? Personally, I think it’s time for Senator Hutchison to step aside and let someone else concentrate on one job.

On a side note, Congressman Randy Neugebauer told us on LFN today that he backs Senator Hutchison in the race for Governor. I wonder how that will play out here in west Texas.


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