29 Sep

As most of you know, I had the chance to talk with Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison on Saturday’s Chad Hasty Show. The big news that came out of that interview was the fact that Hutchison had no clue when she was going to resign. First she said she had hoped to resign by this Fall, and that was still her goal. Then she went on to say that “…as long as healthcare is out there, I am going to do everything possible to fight this government takeover.” I then asked  if health care is on the table through 2010, does that mean you would stay in the Senate throughout the election? Her answer? “I didn’t say I would stay until it’s finished. I’m hoping, for sure, that we’ll be able to finish it sometime this Fall. I have not made a decision about staying beyond that.”

Not a very polished answer. She makes it sound as though she’s going to stay in as long as it takes, but then maybe not.

Why do I bring this up? Well today I was shown this piece from the National Review by Kevin D. Williamson(link) who took issue with my take on the interview. Although he left out the quote from Hutchison where she said, “as long as health care is out there, I am going to do everything possible to fight this government takeover.”

Even though Mr. Williamson tries to discredit what Robert Pratt and myself had said throughout his article, at the end he writes, “Personally, I think they’re making a little more of what Hutchison said than is entirely justified, but she did not sound terribly sure of herself.

That’s the point Mr. Williamson. At this point should Hutchison be more sure of herself? Shouldn’t she have a better answer lined up? Shouldn’t she know when the right time to resign will be? If Hutchison doesn’t think she should resign then fine, but come out and say so.

Personally, I don’t think Hutchison is going to drop out of the race. I do think she needs to decide on when to resign though. IF she chooses to resign. Even though I don’t see Hutchison dropping out of the race, I can see how some could see that.

I also wonder how Mr. Williamson knows I’m not a KBH fan? I have agreed and disagreed with both Perry and Hutchison. And I know that I’m not part of any “Perry-generated rumors”.

More on tomorrow’s LFN.


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