1 Oct


President Obama has obviously forgotten what being  President of the United States is all about. Obama’s job is to protect the people of the United States. To look out for our well being. To be the man in the office who is confronted with many problems, but can make a decision on how to better this country. The President should also listen to the people.

President Obama isn’t doing any of that.

Instead the President of the United States has decided he wants to become the Supreme Community Organizer of the United States. President Obama is actually taking time to fly to Europe, not to discuss Afghanistan or the global economy, but to try and woo the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and get the 2016 games in Chicago. Why? It’s not his job to do this! Let the Mayor of Chicago do that or maybe Michael Jordan or Mike Ditka. NOT the President. I would be saying the same thing if George W. Bush had taken time off to go and lobby for the games in Texas.

Not only is it not Obama’s job, but what happens if he’s told no? It will make him look even weaker to people here in the U.S. and around the world.

Robert Gibbs also told us yesterday that President Obama has been discussing gang violence in Chicago with top advisors and will have some type of policy (speech) soon.

Again, it’s not Obama’s job to create some new policy about gangs. We all know they are bad. It’s not going to be this huge revelation to us. I don’t want my President or his top advisers concentrating on gang violence. They have much bigger problems to tackle. Let local people take care of the gangs. Let States take care of violence. Yes, the President should care about the youth and their future, but if he would help fix the economy and bring jobs back to this country it might cut down on some violence.

President Obama needs to figure out what his priorities are. He has 2 wars, the economy, jobs, terror, health care, immigration, and more on his plate. Why take the time to mess with the Olympics and gangs?

If Obama wants to worry about gangs, Olympics, youth violence, and people participating in community service, then it’s time for Obama to resign and run for Mayor of Chicago. He could even run for Governor if he wants. Right now, the President is in over his head and he might not know what he’s doing. He’s proven to be an ineffective President when it comes to big national issues, so now it’s time to get back to concentrating on being a community organizer.


  1. Scruffy October 1, 2009 at 10:16 am #

    Haven’t you guys on the Right been complaining that Obama’s overdoing it? He’s followed Bush’s plan to get our troops out of Iraq. He ordered a reevaluation of our policies toward Afghanistan, the recent fraudulent election has taken that a huge step backward, I assume you blame Obama for that. He got the Stimulus Bill through, the economy is back from the desperate place Bush left it. I thought you guys were giving Obama high grades for security matters. Hasn’t he been front and center on healthcare for months?
    He’s taking 18 hours in total to lend his voice in getting billions of dollars in American’s pockets by bringing the Olympics here. And after all he’s done to support the gun lobby already, don’t you think he owes it to the inner cities, where guns are a major problem, to let them know he hasn’t forgotten them?

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