13 Oct

Well it’s good to be back in the Hub City. I spent the weekend celebrating my birthday and my Mom’s birthday in Dallas and of course good times were had by all, but after a few days it’s nice to get back home and yell at people on the radio.

By the way, the next time you are in Dallas and want to try a nice place for dinner, check out Nick and Sam’s in Dallas. It’s a bit pricey, but you are getting some good food and you will be taken care of. If you enjoy wine they have over 500 selections for you to choose from. The website is

Many of you have noticed that those of us in radio do much more than just radio these days. People want info all day long and well, we like to comment on stuff throughout the day as well. That’s why I’m happy to announce that isn’t the only place where you can read my thoughts on things. So where else can you find me?


That’s right our radio home on the dial now features my blog on On I will be writing about local issues and posting interesting links and videos that won’t be found on It’s another way to connect to the listeners who visit You can also check out my mailbag there as well.


The show that gave my start in radio (don’t send them any hate mail) has given me a corner on their brand new website. This will be exclusive stuff that I write for The cool thing about this is that Ryan Hyatt is letting me write food reviews, drinks reviews, local stuff, and more. Yes, you do have to pay to access the site, but that just means the really crazy stuff will be going over there. Plus you will get access to the Williams and Hyatt Show podcasts, Tech news/articles that aren’t written by the Texas Tech Athletic Department, and more. It’s real opinions, reviews, and more. For pennies a day you can help starving children in some remote village of the world. Then after you do that, for pennies a day you can access great sports and life commentary.

So join me today as the Chad Hasty media empire grows. OK that sounded a bit douchey, but whatever.


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